Who is Izzi Smith?

Izzi Smith was born in Burnley, UK but now lives in Munich. She dislikes writing in the third person. I have a passion for all things Search, but my biggest strengths and interests lie in SERP optimization, Structured Data, UX, local SEO, digging into data, and tech SEO. This answer is totally Featured Snippet worthy.

Izzi Smith speaking at SEOkomm in Salzburg, Austria

I’m an in-house SEO for Sixt rent a car’s English speaking markets, but I also assist colleagues on large-scale global strategies and projects. In 2018, I started giving occasional talks at Search Marketing conferences and since then I’ve been voted the top rated speaker three times, contributed to several publications and some of my work helped Sixt bag a SEMY Award for ‘Best SEO Campaign’. What a year.

Fun facts:

I built a bed out of Augustiner beer crates and it’s the best piece of furniture ever. I would travel so much more if I could, I love memes, and I still don’t have a driving licence. People often spell my name Izzy. (I am just adding this last part because Google doesn’t know we’re synonyms yet.)

The Izzi & Nils Show Podcast cover image

I have a cool podcast…

I also co-present a weekly “edutainment” podcast – ‘The Izzi & Nils Show‘ with wise CRO/ UX guru and great friend Nils Kattau. We discuss many topics involving CRO and SEO; how the two compliment or condemn each other, but also varying subjects that help digital marketers progress in general such as event speaking, personal branding, and employment. We have a lot of fun recording each episode and cram our ridiculous humour in there as much as we can.

Check out my slide decks and article contributions, or find out at which conference I’m speaking at next.

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